August 15, 2017

Hello Parents, Coaches and Players.

The summer has flown by and the Lincoln Soccer Club is now beginning its travel team coach’s application process.

Lincoln Soccer is open to all ages for travel soccer.

We are very interested in providing a pathway for those players who would like to play in a more competitive soccer environment.

Travel Soccer in the Niagara Region is provided through the Niagara Soccer League (NSL)

Travel Soccer in the Niagara Soccer League (NSL) starts at U8 for both Boys and Girls Festival Teams and U9 for the both Boys and Girls Leagues.

All games in the NSL are in the Niagara region and the season normally runs from late May to late August/early Sept.

We are very interested in having Coaches to develop ages Under 8 to Under 12 Boys and Girls.

Past experience shows that if we start at the younger age groups the teams tend to stay together for many years.

All Coaches are required by the OSA to take an in class course which takes place in the spring and a couple of on-line courses that can be taken at your leisure prior to the season starting.

Lincoln Soccer Club will compensate you for the courses that are required, through the OSA. There is opportunity for Gym time is the winter, and field use for fall try out sessions.

We can also assist with player assessment if that is required.

All interested coaches please contact us and we can get you more information if it is required.

We would also be happy to sit down with you to give you more details and answer questions.

Thank you LSC

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